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Invest in sustainable solutions: grow your savings while building a greener world.

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What is NOX?

NOX is changing how we use energy by making heating and cooling systems smarter for homes and businesses. Our technology helps people save money on energy bills and even earn extra income. By using energy more efficiently, we reduce the need for polluting power plants, leading to lower carbon emissions and a cleaner environment.


Stay ahead of bad weather with our predictive software. Pre-heat and pre-cool your home intelligently to minimize energy consumption, reducing CO2 emissions and lowering your electricity bills.


Our innovative approach involves pooling homes equipped with heating and cooling systems, facilitating participation in flexibility markets. This not only ensures grid stability, preventing blackouts, but also generates an additional revenue stream for homeowners, with monthly payouts.


Stay in control of your finances with our comprehensive energy management application. Easily track your savings and earnings while fine-tuning your flexibility preferences, all from the convenience of your device.

How does it work?

We collaborate with multiple heating and cooling system manufacturers. Through these partnerships, we optimize climate control systems to participate in auxiliary energy markets such as FCR, aFRR, and mFRR. Our software is available as a mobile app and can also be integrated directly into manufacturers' heat pump controls. Contact us to schedule a meeting for more information.

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